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Did you know that viewing homes online is the new 'drive by' that we all used to do, before the Internet. Statistics show that about 90% of buyers are previewing homes online. That means that if you don't have any pictures online, then you won't be getting all that traffic. And that is assuming that if you DO have pictures online that they are decent. I love surfing the Internet for resources for my Twitter posts on what people are inadvertently doing to undermine their home selling experience. Every day I see pictures that just flabbergast me, and these from experienced Realtors! Your pictures must showcase your house, not your 'stuff'. You won't get people in your door if your pictures aren't appealing. If you have so much stuff in your house that you can't SEE the house, then you just lost that potential buyer. On the flip side, if you have a vacant house, you will likely lose those buyers looking for new, due do boring pictures. A vacant room doesn't show the true size, shape, color, feel of a room. We need to remember that buying a home has a lot to do with psychology. It's a feeling we get when we are in a house that appeals to your buyer. Buying a home is a very emotion-based experience. So if your house is vacant, there won't be much to emotionally connect your buyer to. If your house is full of your personality, then your buyers can't envision themselves living there. Now what do I mean when I say, "Is your house full of your personality?". Well, let's ask a few questions... Do you have "collections" displayed? Collections of teapots, coo coo clocks, dolls (believe it or not, I have to ask that one more often than you want to know), kitcheny-things, country collectibles, animal heads (really), sports stuff, etc. All those things you've been buying to add to your collections while on vacation or while garage sale shopping need to be pre packed for your move. A potential buyer can't see themselves in your house if it is too full you. Too much personality can be displayed in your wall art. If your art is too taste specific it will turn off more buyers that you will be aware of. They won't tell you or their Realtor, they just won't come back or make an offer. If your art is too taste specific your buyers will remember your house as he one with all the religious pictures, or the one that reminds them of Grandma's house. That is not how you want your house to be remembered. Most times sellers don't even realize their house is doing a great job of selling THEIR lifestyle. Your house is now on the market, right? So let's take a step back and put your best 'marketing' foot forward. Your Realtor can help with the basic information like "cleaning, de-cluttering, etc.", but (here's the sales pitch folks) a home stager can take you to the next level of neutralizing your house to appeal to the broadest range of buyers. Pictures get people in your front door. People in your front door will get you offers. Remember your house is interviewing new home owners, so it needs to show it's assets off, not YOUR assets. It won't get the job (new owner) if it can't show it's strengths/assets for all your stuff covering it up! Betsy Shellman Coeur d'Alene Home Staging Services 208.771.0661

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