Is Your Home On the Market?

I can help you stage your home for that first impression that gets buyers to make an offer. Using your own furnishings I can help you create that 'model home' look that hooks those buyers. Take a look at my Portfolio page to see what I can do for your home,

I have tips and tricks to help get your house sold faster.  If you are ready to sell, then I am the competitive edge you need to help you sell faster!


I can give you a verbal consultation, written consultation, or work with you to create a marketable product that will get those offers coming in.

Vacant Home Staging

From soup to nuts, I have it all to furnish a vacant home.  With my furnishings your house can look just like a model home.  Most buyers just can't 'see' how they will fit and live in a vacant house.  When your house is furnished, those same buyers can 'see'  and fall in love with their new house.  It's all about impact.  If you don't have that impact within the first few seconds, you've lost them.


 * Accessories only packages available.

 * Vignette staging packages available.

 * One or two 'Impact' room staging available.

 * Multiple room staging available.

 * Entire house staging available.


 Call me and let's talk staging!

Occupied Home Staging Services

"Walk and Talk" Staging Consultation - 1 1/2 hour verbal consultation, identifying problems and solutions, maximizing each room's potential - $150.00

Model Home Staging

Call for a free proposal consultation. Pricing varies.